IT371 | Web Technologies
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Course overview

This course covers the basics of modern full stack web development, from UX design to front-end coding to custom databases. Students will build foundational skills in a full range of technologies, including HTML/CSS, Javascript, and MongoDB, and will learn to implement a reactive, multi-user web application using the meteor.js framework.

What you will learn
  • CLO-1 Discuss how web standards impact software development. (C2 - Understanding).

  • CLO-2 Describe the constraints that the web puts on developers. (C3 - Applying).

  • CLO-3 Design and Implement a simple web application. (C6 - Creating).

  • CLO-4 Review an existing web application against a current web standard. (C5 - Evaluating).

Building a Web
HTML, CSS, Adding Images, Color, Fonts, Links, Control
Variables, Methods, Functions, Loop, Input and Events
Front-End Web UI
Web UI Frameworks, Bootstrap, Full Stack, Responsive Grid
Git and Node
Setting up Git, Basic Git Commands, Node.js and NPM
Bootstrap CSS
Navigation, Buttons, Forms, Tables, Cards, Images and Media, Badges, Alerts, Progress Bars
Bootstrap JavaScript
Tabs, Pills, Hide and Seek, Collapse and Accordion, Tooltips, Popovers and Modals, Carousel
Bootstrap JQuery
Web Tools, Less and Sass, NPM Scripts
React Components, JSX, Router, SPA, Redux
Course program
Students will add several projects to their portfolio to demonstrate their skill and growth throughout this course. They will create web pages using basic elements to control layout and style, use responsive web design principles to take a site from wireframe to website, implement security features, and create collaborative multi-user experiences. Just like any professional full stack web developer, they will build accessibility and usability into responsive websites.
Lessons Name Description Duration Week Slides
1 Building Web with HTML HTML5, Tags, Images, Links, Lists, Tables 3 hours 1 WTF2001
2 Styling Web with CSS CSS 3.0, Classes, IDs, Color, Hex Code 3 hours 2 WTF2002
3 JavaScript Programing Variables, Methods, Functions, Types 1 hours 3 WTF2003
4 Event Driven Programming Buttons with DIVs, HTML 5 Canvas, Inputs and Events 2 hours 3 WTF2004
5 File Upload & Display Images Libraries, Files, Images, Filters, Green Screen 3 hours 4 WTF2005
6 Full Stack Web Development Introduction, Front and Back End, UI Frameworks 1 hours 5 WTF2006
7 Setting Up Git Environment Basic Git Command, Online Git Repositories, Node.js and NPM 2 hours 5 WTF2007
8 Introduction to Bootstarp Download and Setup UI Framework - Bootstrap 1 hours 6 WTF2008
9 Bootstrap Grid System CSS Flexbox, Push and Pull, Alignment, Offset, Nesting 2 hours 6 WTF2009
10 Bootstrap CSS Components Navigation and Navigation Bars, Breadcrumbs, Font Awesome, Social 3 hours 7 WTF2010
11 Bootstrap CSS Components User Inputs, Button and Forms, Checkbox and Select 1 hours 8 WTF2011
12 Bootstrap CSS Components Tables and Cards, Displaying Content 2 hours 8 WTF2012
13 Bootstrap CSS Components Images and Media, Responsive Embedd 1 hours 9 WTF2013
14 Bootstrap CSS Components Alerts, Badges, Progress Bars 2 hours 9 WTF2014
15 Bootstrap JavaScript Components Tabs, Pills and Tabbed Navigation 1 hours 10 WTF2015
16 Bootstrap JavaScript Components Collapse and Accordion 2 hours 10 WTF2016
17 Bootstrap JavaScript Components Tooltips, Popovers and Modals 1 hours 11 WTF2017
18 Bootstrap JavaScript Components Carousal 2 hours 11 WTF2018
19 Bootstrap and jQuery Selectors, Events, Carousal Control Buttons 3 hours 12 WTF2019
20 CSS Preprocessors Less and Sass, Variables, Nesting, Mixins 3 hours 13 WTF2020
21 NPM Scripts Building and Deployment 3 hours 14 WTF2021
22 Task Runners Grunt and Gulp 3 hours 15 WTF2022