CS465 | Semantic Web
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Course overview

The "Semantic Web" is a work-in-progress, consisting of various initiatives to make web documents more "understandable" by computer programs such as search engines and e-commerce agents. This course will give an overall outline of the Semantic Web "vision" and will concentrate on the Semantic Web technologies that have reached a level of maturity and acceptance in the web-authoring community, particularly XML, RDF and OWL. The course will include extensive hands-on experience with Protégé, a state-of-the art graphical editor for Semantic Web documents.

What you will learn
  • CLO-1 Understand the basic concepts and principles of the semantic web technologies and their applicability to some specific domains. (C2 - Understanding).

  • CLO-2 Understand the concepts of graph-based RDF models, RDF Schema, ontologies, and their descriptions in web ontology language (OWL). (C2 - Understanding).

  • CLO-3 Be able to describe, build, analyze, edit and query Ontologies. (C3 - Applying).

Semantic Web Stack
Understand the rationale behind Semantic Web.
Model ontologies using Resource Description Framework (RDF)
RDF Schema
Design RDF Schemas for ontologies.
Model and design ontologies using Web Ontology Language (OWL).
Query ontologies using SPARQL.
Ontology Engineering
Understand and reflect on the principles of Ontology Engineering.
Making Semantic Web
Make an association between Semantic web and Web 2.0.
Semantic Web Applications
Apply Semantic web technologies to real world applications.
Course program
Course marks will be based on five equally-weighted projects due throughout the term, one mid-term examination, and one final examination.
Lessons Name Description Duration Week Slides
1 Limits of the Web Generations of Web, Internet of Things, Information Retrieval Dilemma 1 hours 1 SWS191-01
2 Importance of Meaning Syntax, Semantics, Context, Pragmatics, Experience 1 hours 1 SWS191-02
3 The Web of Data Understanding Content on the Web, Semantic Web 1 hours 1 SWS191-03
4 Semantic Web Semantic Web Technology and the Web of Data 1 hours 2 SWS191-04
5 Linked Data How to Use the Web of Data, Soft AI 1 hours 2 SWS191-05
6 URIs How to Name Things, Semiotic Triangle 1 hours 2 SWS191-06
7 RDF How to Represent Simple Facts with RDF 3 hours 3 SWS191-07
8 RDF Serialization Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language, RDF Lists & Containers 3 hours 4 SWS191-08
9 RDF Reification RDF & Data Integration 1 hours 5 SWS192-01
10 RDF Schema Model Building with RDFs 2 hours 5 SWS192-02
11 Logical Inference Logical Inference with RDFs 3 hours 6 SWS192-03
12 SPARQL How to Query RDFs? 3 hours 7 SWS192-04
13 Virtuoso Server SPARQL - More Than a Query Language 3 hours 8 SWS192-05
14 Complex Queries Filter Constraints, UNION, Negation 3 hours 9 SWS192-06
15 More Complex Queries Variable Assignment, Aggregate Functions 3 hours 10 SWS192-07
16 Ontology Basics What is Knowledge? Ontology Representation 1 hours 11 SWS193-01
17 Ontology Types Top Level, Domain, Task and Application Ontology 2 hours 11 SWS193-02
18 OWL Web Ontology Language 3 hours 12 SWS193-03
19 Ontology and Logic OWL Classes, Properties and Individuals 3 hours 13 SWS193-04
20 OWL Complex Classes Nominals, Constructors, Property Restrictions 3 hours 14 SWS193-05
21 OWL Properties Transitive, Symmetric, Functional, Inverse Functional 3 hours 15 SWS193-06
Lessons Name Description Duration Week Slides
1 From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 TBL's Semantic Web Vision, Semantic Web Stack 1 hours 1 SWS1801
2 Document in XML XML Elements, Well Formed XML, XML Tree Model 2 hours 1 SWS1802
3 Document Type Definition Valid XML, DTD Elements and Attributes 1 hours 2 SWS1803
4 XML Schema Elements, Attributes, Data Types, Complex Types 2 hours 2 SWS1804
5 Access XML Documents XPath, Path Expression 1 hours 3 SWS1805
6 Query XML Documents XQuery, FLWOR, Query Examples 2 hours 3 SWS1806
7 Transform XML Documents XSLT, Auxiliary Templates 3 hours 4 SWS1807
8 Importance of Meaning Understanding Content on the Web 1 hours 5 SWS1808
9 Semantic Web Technology From Wikipedia to DBPedia 2 hours 5 SWS1809
10 Web of Data How to make use of it? 1 hours 6 SWS1810
11 URIs How to Name Things? 2 hours 6 SWS1811
12 Recourse Description Framework How to Represent Simple Facts? 3 hours 7 SWS1812
13 RDF and Turtle Serialization Terse RDF Triple Language 3 hours 8 SWS1813
14 RDF Reification RDF and Data Integration 3 hours 9 SWS1814
15 RDF Schema Model Building with RDFs 3 hours 10 SWS1815
16 Logical Inference with RDFs Knowledge and Semantics 3 hours 11 SWS1816
17 SPARQL Introduction How to Query RDFs? 2 hours 12 SWS1817
18 SPARQL More Than a Query Language 1 hours 12 SWS1818
19 SPARQL Complex Queries Filter, Union, Negation, RDF Graphs 3 hours 13 SWS1819
20 SPARQL More Complex Queries Variable Assignment, Aggregate Functions 3 hours 14 SWS1820
21 Ontology Web Language OWL-DL, Reasoning, Classes, Properties, Rules 3 hours 15 SWS1821
Lessons Name Description Duration Week Slides
1 Introduction to Semantic Web From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 3 hours 1 SWS1701
2 Structured Web XML, DTD, XML Schema, Namespace, XPath, XSLT 6 hours 2,3 SWS1702
3 RDF Data Model URI, Triple, Resource, Literal, Blank Node, Turtle, Lists 6 hours 4,5 SWS1703
4 RDF Syntax Turtle, RDF XML, N-Triples, N3, RDF Graph 6 hours 6,7 SWS1704
5 RDF Semantics Classes and Instances, Properties, Domain-Range, Model Theory 6 hours 8,9 SWS1705
6 SPARQL Querying RDF Store, Linked Open Data, Query Examples 6 hours 10,11 SWS1706
7 SPARQL Tutorial Open Link Virtuoso, Querying DBPedia 6 hours 12,13 SWS1707
8 Ontology Web Language OWL-DL, Reasoning, Classes, Properties, Rules 6 hours 14,15 SWS1708
Lessons Name Description Duration Week Slides
1 Introduction to Semantic Web Information Overload, Problem with the Web 3 hours 1 SWS1601
2 From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 Semantic Web Stack, Linked Data 3 hours 2 SWS1602
3 eXtensible Markup Language First Layer of Semantic Web 3 hours 3 SWS1603
4 Document Type Definition DTD Elements, Attributes and Data Types 3 hours 4 SWS1604
5 XML Schema Elements, Attributes and Data Types 6 hours 5,6 SWS1605
6 XML: XPath Path Expression, Tree Representation 3 hours 7 SWS1606
7 XML: XQuery FLWOR - For Let Where Order Return 6 hours 8,9 SWS1607
8 Resource Description Framework RDF Triples, URI, RDF Graph, Literals, Namespaces 6 hours 10,11 SWS1608
9 RDF Schema Classes and Instances, Properties, Domain-Range 6 hours 12,13 SWS1609
10 SPARQL Graph Patterns, Query Examples 3 hours 14 SWS1610
11 SPARQL Tutorial Example Queries on DBPedia EndPoint 3 hours 15 SWS1611