CS 5513 - Advance Multimedia Systems: Fundamentals of Multimedia Applications

Credit Hours: 3 + 0 | Course Level: Graduate
Course Synopsis

The aim of this course is to help students develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of multimedia systems and how they are being developed and applied. The course will explain the technologies underlying digital images, videos and audio contents, including various compression techniques and standards, and the issues to deliver multimedia content over the Internet.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Fundamentals of multimedia, media and data streams, sound/audio, image, graphics, video and animation.
  • Topics in data compression including coding requirements, source, entropy, and hybrid coding, JPEG, H.261 (px64), MPEG, MP3 and etc.
  • Multimedia applications including digital libraries, system software, toolkits, conferencing paradigms, structured interaction support, and examples from video/audio/graphics conferencing.
  • Latest Web technologies, such as XML, X3D and Semantic Web.

Course Aims

  • Demonstrate knowledge on the concepts of multimedia systems
  • Apply theories and principles to multimedia design
  • Use various multimedia tools
  • Design and create interactive multimedia based applications
  • Work together to set and meet team goals, share information and reconcile differences of opinion when they occur.


Digital Multimedia
By: Nigel Chapman and Jenny Chapman

Marks Distribution
Lecture ID Topic Description Notes
# MSS0901 Introduction to Multimedia Systems Applications of Multimedia MSS0901.pdf
# MSS0902 Enabling Technologies Media Types, Digital Technology, Sampling and Quantization MSS0902.pdf
# MSS0903 Sound and Audio Nature of Sound, Store Audio, Sound Editing, MIDI MSS0903.pdf
# MSS0904 Images and Graphics Digital Images, Depth and Resolution, Bitmap File Formats MSS0904.pdf
# MSS0905 Bitmap Image Formats GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG MSS0905.pdf
# MSS0906 Vector Graphics Vector Primitives, Bezier Curves, Transformations, File Formats MSS0906.pdf
# MSS0907 Scalable Vector Graphics - SVG SVG Primitives, Gradients and Filters MSS0907.pdf
# MSS0908 Colors in Images and Video Color Space and Depth, Color Models MSS0908.pdf
# MSS0909 Video Progressive and Interlaced Scanning, Aspect Ratio MSS0909.pdf
# MSS0910 Animation Cel Animation, Sprite Animation, Key Frame Animation, Motion Tweening MSS0910.pdf
# MSS0911 Multimedia Application Development MAD Classes, Types and Components of Multimedia Systems MSS0911.pdf
  • Research & Development 90%
  • Project Management 80%
  • Client Communication 80%
  • Team Management 85%
  • Microsoft Project and Visio 80%
  • GUI Design 90%
  • Web & Mobile Application 95%
  • CMS Design & Development 85%
  • HTML 5 90%
  • CSS 3.0 90%
  • PHP / MySQL 90%
  • JS / JQuery 85%
  • JAVA 60%
  • C# / ASP.NET 50%
  • SQL 95%
  • C++ 90%
  • XML / XML Schema 90%
  • XPath / XQuery 90%
  • RDF / RDFs 90%
  • SPARQL 80%
  • OWL 80%