CS XXX - Mobile App Development: Android Application Development

Credit Hours: 2 + 1 | Course Level: Undergrad
Course Synopsis

Course is aimed at familiarizing students with mobile application concepts to provide a solid foundation for developing software using the android programming. Course includes basic to some advance level Android programming.
Tool: Android Studio

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Know the basic concepts and technique of developing applications for the Android phone.
  • Be able to understand Java programming as it related to application development for the Android platform.
  • Know how to acquire additional resources and security information needed for various different types of Android applications features and services (maps, SMS, Email, etc).
  • Know how to work with the SQLite database features.
  • Be familiar with how to publish Android applications to the Android Market.

Course Aims

Handheld systems, such as smartphones and tablets are now the most common way for people to access and interact with computing services. The demand for application development skills is therefore growing at a breathtaking pace. These skills, however, are multi-faceted, requiring students to master computer science and engineering principles, to learn the details of specific mobile application platforms, and to design artistic and engaging user interfaces that respond to how, where and why handheld applications are used.


Professional Android Application Development
By: Reto Meier

Marks Distribution
Lecture ID Topic Description Notes
# MADS1601 Android Overview Android Development Environment MADS1601.pdf
# MADS1602 Getting Started with Android Installing Android Studio MADS1602.pdf
# MADS1603 The Wonderful World of Android Standard UI Screens, Android Software Framework MADS1603.pdf
# MADS1604 Our First Android Application Starting Another Activity - Using Intent MADS1604.pdf
# MADS1605 Anatomy of Android App & Its Life Cycle R.Java, Res/Layout, Widgets, Activity Life Cycle, Saving State MADS1605.pdf
# MADS1606 User Interface Basics Linear Layout, Relative Layout, Other Layouts MADS1606.pdf
# MADS1607 Application Fundamentals Android Process State, Background, Resources, Menus, Buttons and Toast MADS1607.pdf
# MADS1608 UI and Event Handling - I Toast, User Interfaces, Date Picker MADS1608.pdf
# MADS1609 UI and Event Handling - II List View, List Activities with Flexible Layout MADS1609.pdf
# MADS1610 Services Creating a Service, Logging Service, onStartCommand MADS1610.pdf
# MADS1611 Async Task, Broadcast Receivers UI Threading, Sending Receiving SMS MADS1611.pdf
# MADS1612 Content Provider Audio, Video, Images and Personal Contact, Querying Data MADS1612.pdf
# MADS1613 Data Management Saving Data, File API, Cache amd Memory Files MADS1613.pdf
# MADS1614 Notifications Toast Notification, Custom Notification MADS1614.pdf
  • Research & Development 90%
  • Project Management 80%
  • Client Communication 80%
  • Team Management 85%
  • Microsoft Project and Visio 80%
  • GUI Design 90%
  • Web & Mobile Application 95%
  • CMS Design & Development 85%
  • HTML 5 90%
  • CSS 3.0 90%
  • PHP / MySQL 90%
  • JS / JQuery 85%
  • JAVA 60%
  • C# / ASP.NET 50%
  • SQL 95%
  • C++ 90%
  • XML / XML Schema 90%
  • XPath / XQuery 90%
  • RDF / RDFs 90%
  • SPARQL 80%
  • OWL 80%