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TCP: Telecom Churn Prediction Model

Supervised By:
Imran Ihsan
2020 - 2021
Project completed in 34%.
Initial Design

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Churn Prediction for Pakistan Based Telecom Industry

Customer churn happens in the Software-as-a-Service business similarly as it is in subscription-based industries like the telecommunications industry. But companies lack the knowledge about the factors lead to customers churn and are unable to react to it in time. it is necessary for companies to research customer churn prediction in order to react to customer churn in time.Customer churn happens in almost any business area and organizations must be able to handle it properly. The advances in information technology have brought massive opportunities in customer churn research, both in predicting and analyzing. Predicting customer churn has become a very relevant topic for many large companies. Especially in subscription-based business models, such as Software-as-a-Service models, knowing the reason for customer churn and when itís about to happen is essential for competing in the ecosystem.

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