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AichQ: A Final Year Project Management System

Supervised By:
Imran Ihsan
2020 - 2021
Project completed in 34%.
Application Architecture

Project description

A management system for the smooth conduct of Air University FYPs in Faculty of Computing and AI

Final Year Project is an important aspect of higher education degrees which enables students to apply broad range of knowledge to develop a project which can bring together the knowledge and competences acquired throughout their studies while developing other useful skills. For making this opportunity more accessible and easier, we aim to develop a complete FYP management system for faculty and students. The name of this project is AichQ-Project Management System for BS FYPs. The main purpose of this project is to develop an online system that can reduce the workload of the FYP Committee in managing the workflow of FYPs. Besides reducing the workload, it also hastens the steps for the students by making the data organized and accessible. By implementing this system, it would provide a lot of conveniences to the BS students and FYP Committee of Air University Islamabad while saving time and cost. AichQ is a complete project management system for FYP students and Faculty. The system itself will be a full stack web application. All three phases of FYP and its components from idea to evaluation will be handled by the system. Students will be able to select the project topic and then propose their idea to respective supervisor. System will provide the ability to submit documents and other deliverable with the notification for the coming deadlines. Supervisor will be able to evaluate the work submitted by the student through this system.

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