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PSLO: Pakistan Sign Language Ontology

Supervised By:
Imran Ihsan
2019 - 2020
Best Project Award - Pakistan Science Fair 2019
Project completed in 100%.
Methontology for PSLO
Sample Data from PSL
Translation Process
Ontology in Protege

Project description

An Ontology for translation between English or Urdu and Pakistan Sign Language

With an estimated nine million people with impaired hearing living in Pakistan, there is a growing need to integrate them into mainstream society through the use of efficient sign language processing technologies. The native Language of Pakistan Deaf Community is Pakistan Sign Language. Pakistan Sign Language has an official website, which provides a dictionary composed of words and their associated signs. In this research, we have proposed a Pakistan Sign Language Ontology (PSLO) that provides abstract conceptualization required to organize Pakistan Sign Language for both English and Urdu (Language Used in Pakistan) Language and its instantiation on 5,500 individual terms. PSLO has been verified, validated, and assessed by using the well-defined procedures and tools, proposed in the literature for ontology evaluation. The results show that the proposed ontology is concise, complete, and consistent. With help of our proposed ontology, individuals with hearing disabilities can actively engage in communication with people who do not speak sign language.

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