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RPAT: Research Paper Analytic Tool

Supervised By:
Imran Ihsan
2018 - 2019
Project completed in 100%.
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Project description

A Citation Based Tool To Assist Conferences & Journals To Evaluate the Quality of Submitted Paper

Scientific Research is being carried out across the globe in numerous fields. Evaluation of a scientific research in a scholarly big data is reliant on bibliometric indicators or citations. For these indicators to work, the scientific research has to be published and indexed. The conferences and journals do not have such bibliometric indicators to measure the quality of a submitted research paper. Therefore, there is a need of an analytic system that can easily and quickly measure the quality of an un-published research paper before it goes in review process. This research paper defines an analytic scheme to measure the quality of a research paper by measuring the quality of references used within the paper. References are a list of sources that represents the best documents selected by the author to layout the foundation of his/her research paper. Thus, an initial check on the quality of references, selected by the author, can provide a valid indication about the submitted paper. The

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