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SPoint: A Semantic Based E-Learning Content Development Tool

Supervised By:
Imran Ihsan
2014 - 2015
Project completed in 100%.
Learning Object Repository Architecture
System Sequence Diagram
Main Editing Screen
Presentation Output of SPoint

Project description

Semantically Meaningful, Openly Reusable Learning Objects classified on LOM

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular e-learning content development tool. The effectiveness and easy to use of PowerPoint together with third party tools seems to make the idea to develop e-learning with PowerPoint work but PowerPoint cannot be considered as a premier e-learning tool. The reason might be the drawbacks of PowerPoint in terms of its file size, inter-operability and openness. This research describes architecture of a new e-learning content development tool that not only has the look and feel of PowerPoint but also overcomes the drawbacks of PowerPoint. We call this tools as S-Point - A Semantic Based eLearning Content Development tool that is based on the Open Reusability Benchmark. With help of this tool, teachers can develop learning objects that are more semantically meaningful and semantically searchable.

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