Final Years Projects

All projects are supervised by me.
DDI: Knowledge Graph Embedding for Drug-Drug Interaction
2020 - 2021 (Air University)
Knowledge Graph, Semantic Web, Health Informatics
SMIP: Stock Market Index Prediction Using Linked Open Data
2020 - 2021 (Air University)
Machine Learning, NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Linked Open Data, Semantic Web
TCP: Telecom Churn Prediction Model
2020 - 2021 (Air University)
Machine Learning, Churn Prediction, Data Science
AichQ: A Final Year Project Management System
2020 - 2021 (Air University)
Web Application, Responsive, Project Management
Emotisys: Automated Analysis of Emotions through Speech Patterns using Machine Learning
2019 - 2020 (Air University)
Machine Learning, Speech Analysis, IMCC
Fallup: Fall Risk Assessment and Prediction Based on Gait Analysis
2019 - 2020 (Air University) Funded By: IGNITE NGIRI (PKR 58,000)
Machine Learning, Health Informatics, Gait Analysis, Wrist Wearable, IOT
GlucoGaurd: Smartphone Based Continuous Glucose Monitoring
2019 - 2020 (Air University) Funded By: IGNITE NGIRI (PKR, 55,000)
Machine Learning, Health Informatics, Supervised Learning
PSLO: Pakistan Sign Language Ontology
2019 - 2020 (Air University) Best Project Award - Pakistan Science Fair 2019
Ontology, Sign Language, Bilingual, NLP
Trivia: Knowledge Graph Embedding in Citation Data
2019 - 2020 (Air University)
Knowledge Graph, Scientometrics, Citation Analysis, NLP, Semantic Web
WHINY: Audio Pattern Recognition of Crying Baby
2019 - 2020 (Air University)
Machine Learning, Audio Pattern Recognition, Regression
Smart Buddy: Detection and Classification of Breast Cancer Abnormalities
2019 - 2020 (Air University)
Deep Learning, Health Informatics, CNN, Supervised Learning
DEVA: Decentralized Voting Application
2019 - 2020 (Air University)
BlockChain, Ethereum, Cyber Security
LVO: Levin's Verb Ontology
2019 - 2020 (Air University)
Ontology, Semantic Web, NLP
AU360: Air University 360 Degree Experience
2018 - 2019 (Air University) Funded By: Air University (PKR. 150,000)
Virtual Reality, 360 Experience
PHASSE: Pharmaceutical Semantic Search Engine
2018 - 2019 (Air University) Best Project Award - ICTMPCL 2019
Semantic Web, Linked Open Data, Faceted Search, Bio2RDF
IntelliAgents: Multi Machine Learning Agents in Unity using TensorFlow
2018 - 2019 (Air University)
Gaming Machine Learning, Deep_Learning, TensorFlow
OSAP: Ontology Based Semantic Authoring and Publishing
2018 - 2019 (Air University)
Semantic Web, Ontology, LATEX
RPAT: Research Paper Analytic Tool
2018 - 2019 (Air University)
Scientometrics, Data Science, NLP
TeachTech: Lets Teach Together
2018 - 2019 (Air University)
eLearning, Collaborative Learning
Health Hub: An AI Based Heart Attack Prediction App
2017 - 2018 (Air University) Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018 - Regional Winner
AI, Machine Learning, Bio Tech, Wearable
CSAT: Citation Sentiment Analysis Tool
2016 - 2017 (Air University) First Prize Winner - AirTech 2016
Semantic Web, NLP, Sentiment Analysis
SABAQ: Semantic E-Learning and Experience Tracking App
2016 - 2017 (Air University)
eLearning, Semantic_Web, Noorani Qaida
BiBEd: Online Bibliography Editor
2015 - 2016 (Air University)
Citation, Data Mining, Web Services
SPoint: A Semantic Based E-Learning Content Development Tool
2014 - 2015 (Air University)
ELearning, MOOCs, SemanticWeb