Undergrad Courses

Semantic Web
From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0
Introduction, Semantic Web and Computing, XML, XML DTD, XML Schema, XPath, XQuery, XSLT, RDF - Basic Idea, RDF - Predicate Knowledge, RDFS � RDF Schema, XML to RDF, Querying Semantic Data, SPARQL, SPARQL Virtouse DBPedia EndPoint
Mobile Application Development
Android Application Development
Course is aimed at familiarizing students with mobile application concepts to provide a solid foundation for developing software using the android programming. Course includes basic to some advance level Android programming. Tool: Android Studio
Human Computer Interaction
User Interface Design
The study of human-computer interaction enables system architects to design useful, efficient, and enjoyable computer interfaces. This course teaches the theory, design procedure, and programming practices behind effective human interaction with computers, smart phones and tablets.
Data Structure and Algorithms
Using C++
Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms, Algorithm Analysis, Arrays, Link Lists, Circular & Doubly Linked List, Stacks, Queues, Infix to Postfix, Trees, Tree Traversals, Binary Tress, Heaps, Tree Applications, Dictionaries, Hashing and Graphs
Computer Graphics
OpenGL GLUT Programming
In this course, student will learn one of the standard APIs for computer graphics, OpenGL. We will also cover some techniques that are useful for writing computer games (hierarchical modeling, first person viewing, texture mapping), although that is not the emphasis of the course.
Computer Game Design
Using Unity3D
Student will practice moving from game concept through design documentation, prototyping and testing. Numerous elements go into the overall process of game design. These range from topics such as idea generation, story, character, and game world development, game mechanics & level design, and user experience design.
  • Research & Development 90%
  • Project Management 80%
  • Client Communication 80%
  • Team Management 85%
  • Microsoft Project and Visio 80%
  • GUI Design 90%
  • Web & Mobile Application 95%
  • CMS Design & Development 85%
  • HTML 5 90%
  • CSS 3.0 90%
  • PHP / MySQL 90%
  • JS / JQuery 85%
  • JAVA 60%
  • C# / ASP.NET 50%
  • SQL 95%
  • C++ 90%
  • XML / XML Schema 90%
  • XPath / XQuery 90%
  • RDF / RDFs 90%
  • SPARQL 80%
  • OWL 80%